60 Second Interview

UNDEAD is coming out in September 2011. Why write a book about zombies?

Because they're scary - obviously - but it's more than that. They're deceptive. By that I mean that they're slow, stupid and quite easy to escape from ... but you can never get cocky. As long as you keep moving, don't get cornered and never let your guard down, you can generally get the better of them. But they are relentless. They'll never give up, and they'll always keep coming. And there are loads of them. You can never, ever relax.

So are you really into horror, then?

I love anything that keeps me on the edge of my seat, whether it's a horror, sci-fi, thriller, romance, drama, whatever. My favourite thing is to read a book or watch a movie and think, 'OK, so what would I do in that situation..?'

This is the first horror book I've written, and one of my intentions was to write a zombie book for people who maybe would never normally read a zombie book. It's a 'horror-thriller-drama-comedy-with-a-hint-of-romance' story about a bunch of ordinary teenagers. So I hope all the horror fans like it, but I also want to make a lot of new converts too!

And there are some funny bits...?

Totally. At least, I think so ;) But it's a kind of dark, nervy humour. When the apocalypse happens, you've gotta have some comic relief.

What other things have you written?

I've always made up stories. Other people call it daydreaming. Then you put it down on paper, someone prints it and suddenly it's a career...

I started by writing plays and pantomimes, because I used to be an actor and that's what I knew best. I found really enjoyed writing for young people in particular. Then I started writing books. I've written some fairy tales, action adventures, and also some chick-lit stuff - all with a sense of humour, a little edge, all a little bit off. Some of it will be published in the future, and some is gathering dust on my shelf (or on my hard drive).

What do you like doing when you're not writing?

Eating good food and watching bad TV! Listening to great music. Walking for hours. Chilling out with my family and friends. Ordering random things on the internet. Killing zombies. You know, your everyday kind of stuff...

You can find out more about me and UNDEAD on my Facebook page, and my Twitter.

book cover: Undead